In the same way every person's fingerprint is unique, every local church has a unique "churchprint" that expresses, in their own context and time, the universal purposes of Jesus for His followers.

Our Mission and Vision Statements, Core Convictions, and Statement of Faith define our unique churchprint. These statements remind us of who we are, and how we fulfill the purpose Jesus' gave to His church: to make disciples.


Why We Exist

Parkside Church exists to glorify God by helping every person discover and fulfill their God-given potential. 


How We Accomplish Our Mission

Reaching the greater Indianapolis area by partnering with local organizations, raising up leaders, giving generously, and planting more churches.


Rallying Cries For Our Unity

We are a Family Like No Other

We are a People in Process

We are a Church of Radical Generosity

Statement of

This Statement of Faith covers the essential doctrines of what we believe at Parkside. They are the only doctrines required for membership. Minor doctrines are very important, but agreement on all of them are not necessary for saving faith, or for unity within a local church family. If you have any questions please reach out to us at office@parksideindy.com.


Parkside Church is interdenominational in makeup and strategically aligned with the Assemblies of God (AG). The AG provides accountability and a spiritual covering for our church leadership.